Raw Material Brokerage

The trading and brokerage activities of ARM has been a major contributor to the overall success of the company by ensuring a steady and dependable supply of Ferrous Scrap, Stainless Scrap and other Ferrous raw materials such as Basic Pig Iron and HBI for our various operations.

At the heart of our brokerage activities is our knowledgeable and respected trading staff which comprises a total of over 100 years of combined experience.  Personal relationships formed over the years enable us to source the scrap necessary to feed our yards and to supply our customers with the right scrap at the right price, month in and month out.

Our traders are ably supported in their activities by our Transportation Department, Technical Department and office staff to efficiently and cost effectively move scrap from numerous origins to various locations ensuring the arrival of the raw materials in a timely manner.

Industrial Services
Regardless of the chemistry, size or volume of material generated, ARM will direct the scrap generated by your facility to one of our on-site or off-site locations.  We employ a variety of methods for scrap accumulation and timely pick up along allowing your production to continue in an uninterrupted manner.

ARM offers fair market value prices based on a monthly published index along with certified, printed scale tickets.  Our terms are flexible to provide a healthy cash flow.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to review your needs.  Our many mill-direct relationships enable us to offer very competitive pricing.

Upon your request, a representative from our company would be available to visit your facility and discuss the options available to you.

For more information regarding our industrial services:
Adam Mariano
(724) 612-0390

Scrap Optimization and Analytics

ARM recognizes our client’s metallurgical and cost constraints in the globally competitive market place of steel and stainless steel production.  We fully understand it is critical to your success to employ least cost scrap mixes in every melt campaign.


With over 50 years of steelmaking experience, our dedicated internal metallurgy team has allowed us to sustain our advantage in an ever changing industry while providing a guarantee to our consumers that we will meet their chemical, density and yield standards.  Our optimization program allows our consumers to minimize their raw material costs and focus on producing steel.


The foundation of our blended products division is a state of the art blending software program.  Developed by Management Science Associates, Inc. the BOSS platform enables us to deliver true least cost scrap charges over entire melt campaigns, not only on a single heat by heat basis. 


We also recognize that least cost charges are only valuable if the heats meet chemistry aims and residual maxes.  Our advanced scrap testing and analytic abilities enables us to precisely control all elements to meet or exceed the client’s specification. 

To further optimize the process we will tailor the blended package sizes to complement the client’s revert mix, offering package sizes ranging from 2,000# gaylords to full 200,000# rail cars.  

No matter the alloy or grade of metal, ARM has the in-house capability to test and analyze your material to maximize its value.


We employ industry leading testing equipment at our facilities including:

  • A dozen ThermoFisher Niton hand analyzers giving us the capability to test material quickly, anywhere any time, even before it hits the ground
  • Three independent testing labs built around Spectro MAXx spark analyzers allowing precise readings of all residual elements
  • 50 lb dead melt induction furnace that provides the capability to go beyond surface testing allowing us to analyze a homogenous sample as well as yield calculations


As a scrap supplier, being able to test the material is critical, but it is vital to have the knowledge to effectively analyze the data.  Utilizing our team’s industry experience, our staff has the knowledge to evaluate testing data from basic carbon scrap to complex aerospace alloys.  This level of expertise allows us to offer the most accurate blended and straight grade scrap packages from a chemistry, yield and density stand point.

Scrap Handling & Processing

Freeport Crusher

As a full service Industrial scrap processor, ARM has the ability to process numerous grades of ferrous, non-ferrous and alloy material. Utilizing our  on-site crusher we offer toll processing of turnings, borings, silicon sheet, swarf and grindings.  Complimenting the crusher, our hydraulic Briquetter can process many types of metal by-products into a binder free briquetted state, dramatically increasing the final product.


In addition to our crusher and briquetter, ARM has the capacity to provide remote bailing.  Ideal for bailing loose material for shipment, this mobile equipment allows us to come to your site if needed. For more information on these services Click Here.


Furthermore we operate an alloy, non-ferrous warehouse.  Employing the latest Niton and Spectometer analyzers to ensure accurate metal grading, ARM can process smaller specialty shipments with outstanding accuracy. 


Demolition Contracting

ARM provides demolition services ranging from the removal of obsolete machinery to complete buildings.  We have the experience and knowledge to safely and efficiently assist your company's specific needs.

ARMI Shear


At Allegheny Raw Materials our committed transportation department coordinates all of our logistics needs.  Through valued service relationships with several commercial trucking companies in the tri-state area and access to rail and river, we are able to provide the most efficient and cost effective means of transportation between our consumers and suppliers. 

Logistics Options

  • 20 - 40 yard roll off boxes
  • Custom sizing and sealed units available
  • Flat beds
  • Vans
  • Full rail and Barge capacity
  • Certified printed scale ticket for each load