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AME Recycling
AME Recycling provides a mobile baling service for lease, utilizing two AL-JON SUPER 400 Balers for projects where:

  • Shipment of loose baling material is not advantageous due to weight restrictions
  • There is a demolition site that requires baling
  • An industry has no baler available
  • A stop-gap measure is needed while a stationary baler is being replaced or repaired
  • Scrap yards are not equipped with a baler
  • Shredder feed would be too light to ship unless logged

Rates are defined by the location, product, loading, and the time element required to complete the baling project in a satisfactory manner.  Lessee is responsible for pushing the baling material to the baler as well as providing the fuel.

Inquiries on these services should be directed towards:
     (412) 622-4869

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